Naughty Lab X Street Food Omakase

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Address: Sturenkatu 21, 00510 Helsinki
Phone: 040 8442333

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Opening Hours:
Wednesday-Saturday: 17-23:00 | 
Time Slots: 17-20 | 20-23

ATTN! We require Covid Passport at Omakase – you can find yours from: www.kanta.fi

The Naughty Lab x Street Food Omakase restaurant concept takes Chef’s Table-style dining to the next level, with seats in the middle of an industrial development kitchen. Preparations can be viewed from your own table while your senses are triggered by the sensual combination of scents and sounds straight from the Chef’s skillful hands.


At Naughty Lab plunging head first into the action is key. You can expect a constantly evolving surprise menu, the contents of which will only be revealed when the culinary work is ready to be served.

Naughty Lab is located inside the Sturenkatu Naughty BRGR restaurant. Behind large glass walls you will find Naughty Lab, where the menu is devoted to street food, as well as it’s host Naughty BRGR.

Surprise Menu

10 portion surprise menu
Price: 69€

Also available for vegans

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Drinks Menu

Drink package 49€

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👉 Phone 040 8442333

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