NAUGHTY BRGR was founded by the first Finnish Top Chef winner Akseli Herlevi. He spent over 10 years in search of the best burger recipes in the world.

Our culture is based on the best and the freshest ingredients. We develop and test our recipes constantly and our laid-back yet highly trained staff is among the best in the industry. Our burgers are made by chefs and our waiters will always serve you with a smile on their face and ready to fulfill your culinary desires. We are proud to be different and we aim to serve you with surprising culinary experiences.

Akseli: “I participated Top Chef Duels TV-show in 2015 and I decided to challenge Chef Timo ’Lintsi’ Linnamäki with a decent burger. However I lost the challenge and dropped out, one of the judges Chef Helena Puolakka looked straight to my eyes and said that the burger was so naughty, that she didn’t know wheter it was really good or bad. At the same time the juices of the burger was dripping out from her lips and I think I saw a little smile as well. For me this was the best feedback ever! Couple of weeks after the show was aired on the TV there was Helsinki Streat Eats street food festival near market square in Helsinki which I participated. On the first place I was doing something totally different, but I changed the menu to burgers just couple of days before the event. I took huge risk when I ordered ingredients for almost 2000 burgers and two, three days before the event I realized that this is impossible job.

I needed help! My good friend helped me a little bit with doing press release for my burger joint, but also my friend told me that this is not enough. Nobody cares if I’m doing burgers in street food event. She said that I should tell people I’m opening the best burger joint in Finland, that’s something! I said to her that that I don’t care, give it a go! I have to sell these burgers. What happened? Our small burger-box was the most successful joint in the whole event, the most sold portions and the biggest amount of good feedback! Only two bad reviews came upon. One customer said that he could get better burgers from Sweden and other customer said that there could have been better seasoning in the side-salad. One customer came to get our burgers to his friend in hospital and somebody came to pick up lunch for his colleagues in the airport.

After this event I really realized that people loved my burgers a lot and I have to establish a burger joint. I’ve promised it as well! That’s how Naughty BRGR was born.”

Akseli Herlevi

Chef, Partner